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Liquid freshwater represents 1% of all the water on Earth. In the wealthiest nations of the world, a large part of the freshwater and energy consumed at home is used to shower. For instance, in an average french household, 39% of this water is used for bathing and showering and hot water represents 12% of the energy consumption. It is therefore judicious to think about ways to reduce this consumption. The showerloop is a water recycling shower : water is in a closed loop, it fall again on my head once filtered and therefore clean. It is adequate in terms of water and energy savings, and the following calculator will illustrate this :

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L/min ? (8L/min for an eco, 20L/min for a regular showerhead (source))

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You would save ?% of water compared to a typical shower

You would need ?kWh of energy to heat the water

You would need ?kWh of energy to run the showerloop

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You would save ?% of energy compared to a typical shower

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You would need ?kWh of energy per year to shower, meaning ?$

You would have an annuel budget estimated to be around ?$

The purchase of the equipment would pay for itself in ? year(s)